Purple is ...

If you love everything Purple, you've come to the right place!

Purple lovers are overlooked in a lot of products on the market these days. Our favorite color is typically relegated to tween-age girls, but there are thousands, if not millions!, of mature, intelligent women, and yes, even men, who love the color Purple!

We are excited to bring you custom-designed everything we can find in varying shades and designs starring Purple! Purple clothing, Purple Home Decor, Purple Linens, Purple Pet accessories, even Purple flip-flops! (Summer's comin' ya know!)


Purple is Passionate...

Our custom-designed line of Purple Home Decor, (soon to include linens, towels, and more), will turn your boring beige and brown home into a visually peaceful and inspirational space. If Purple is your favorite color, get passionate about it!

We do, so we're constantly searching for new products we can add the Purple too, and soon we'll be bringing you Found Treasures that celebrate the Purple you love.


Purple is Playful...

We lovers of Purple find it nearly impossible to be upset, fussy, or frenzied for very long when there's Purple around.


Purple is a natural mood uplifter, and having Purple around is sure to lift your spirits every day!

At home, at the office, in the car, on the run... Purple makes everything more fun!

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